MedGurus is the most reputed healthcare portal in India in the sphere of providing free counselling and guidance to patients. MedGurus is promoted by Global Medi Advisors, GMA, one of the most trusted Healthcare Advisory Organizations in India.

How you benefit from MedGurus’ Guidance

Research results

GMA is probably the only non-government organization in India that has a dedicated experienced research team  to find the best of Indian Healthcare Industry. Since it would be nearly impossible for an individual seeking medical care to have the right resources and ample time to explore all the treatment options available out there, so probably a good idea would be to seek free guidance from someone who has done that on a phenomenal scale.

Experience of personal visits

Our team also has personally visited over two hundred reputed hospitals and clinics across India (and the no. keeps increasing every month); and held meetings with management and/or key people in them. This helps us get deeper understanding of the available infrastructure, team skills, treatment approach and other factors that are key for making treatment decisions, especially for super specialties such as Oncology, Cardiology, IVF, Replacement Surgeries etc.

Avoid quacks

It is no secret that there are many unauthorized and uncertified people & entities posing as qualified specialists and victimizing unsuspecting patients. By going with MedGurus, you can be rest assured of not going to any wrong place. We suggest only to acclaimed, certified and genuine places for treatment.

You gain from feedback

The most crucial component of our research is the feedback we receive from scores of patients we refer to different hospitals every month. The feedback helps us evaluate the performance of hospitals and thereby make further referral decisions. Over the years, GMA has access to a sizeable amount of feedback data that gives us significant insight into various hospitals and specialists in India.

Guaranteed confidentiality

We never share your details with any other party, save the concerned hospital and specialists. All communications with patients and hospitals are done by the trained full-time professionals. Thus, you can share your problems with ease without privacy concerns. We uphold your right to confidentiality as a patient.

A reliable guide

Probably, the best experience that patients have with us is that they get a dedicated patient advisor with whom they can freely discuss their concerns before, during, and even after the treatment/procedure. Specially, when you are dealing with complicated and major procedures, our patient advisors are a big support you can have.

It’s free- absolutely!

Most importantly, our guidance is absolutely free. We do not charge a penny for guidance. Neither would hospitals charge you a dime extra. In fact, many patients we refer get discounts from hospitals because of our relations. From our part though, we do not involve at all, in terms of commercial dealing between hospitals and patients.

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