The news of being diagnosed cancer obviously brings in with it a mental ordeal full of fear, anxiety, and several questions that pop up in mind related to cancer treatment, follow top most reliable Cancer Hospitals, most right cancer specialist surgeons/doctors, and expenses to operate cancer. To begin with, you should know that today cancer is curable and treatable, if followed by correct diagnosis and timely treatment by appropriate oncologists at the correct hospital.

If you (or a friend or relative) are diagnosed with cancer; its decision time!

Best cancer hospital in IndiaThere are many types of cancer and it is important to understand your specific medical case and the treatment that it would follow. An informed timely treatment decision is necessary for the success of such critical ailments. Taking second opinion also matters. A visit to another oncologist to know more about your cancer type and course of treatment including the cost variations will help in decision making.

If you are diagnosed cancer, it is time for some crucial but fast decision making as to where and how to start the treatment. Remember, cancer is one such disease where you should not loose time in finally reaching the right oncologist.

Helping you with your cancer treatment decision

To ease your concerns and difficulty, we at MedGurus assist you to take a well-informed decision on selecting the best hospital and oncologists specific to your case in your preferred location.

India’s best Oncology Cancer Hospitals

Generally we read and hear news about celebrities going to the U.S. or UK for cancer treatments but you should know India also has the best cancer hospitals, trained and experienced oncologists, and advanced treatment facilities for all types of cancer patients.

Today India has about 200 cancer hospitals which provide highly specialized and personalized treatment for lung cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer etc., They conduct procedures like cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy (or biologic therapy), etc. required during cancer treatment.

Private Cancer hospitals like Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Artemis Hospital, Narayana Multispecialty Hospital, Wockhardt Super Specialty Hospital, SIMS Hospital, Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Coimbatore, Adyar Cancer Hospital, Regional Cancer Centre (RCC), Jaslok Hospital, Kidwai Institute of Oncology (to name a few) are some of the renowned cancer hospitals of the country where patients from around the world come to get treated for the disease.

While selecting the right cancer hospital, you will have to look into several factors like highly experienced oncologist, availability of latest technology, expertise in cancer patient care, and good infrastructure..

We will suggest you hospital selection criteria that will also include location and cost of the cancer treatment in a particular hospital.

Location of hospitals

Ask yourself, if you want to avail your cancer treatment in a hospital within your current city or closest proximity, or you are open to travel anywhere in India where there is best of facility.

If you are open to anywhere in India, nothing like it, for, then you can have all the best cancer hospital options of the country before you. However, if you are in one of the metro cities like Delhi or Mumbai, then your city already has some good oncology hospitals.

Cost of Cancer Treatment in India

Do you have a budget constraint in undergoing cancer surgery? Cancer medicines and procedures like chemotherapy are very expensive and most of us are not in a position to take that financial challenge, especially if there is no insurance cover. Cost of cancer treatment varies with hospitals and cities as every hospital has its own infrastructure, surgeon, therapies, and other tests/examination facilities charges which finally add to the total cancer treatment cost.

Hence, if budget is a constraint, it may make sense to shortlist hospitals as per your budget limit right from the beginning. Remember, not all low or mid-budget hospitals are low-quality hospitals!

Thus, our suggestion would be that, you should spend good amount of time with recommended and reliable cancer hospitals that have experienced oncologists and then take a call.

Which city shall I go for cancer cure?

While talking of an highly advanced procedures like that of cancer treatments, most of the reliable and quality options are in any of the metros: Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad, while cities like Ahmedabad, Pune, and Lucknow are also fast gearing-up their medical facilities in cancer care. They offer affordable cancer treatment compared to metros. They have experienced qualified oncologists, good infrastructure, and patient care facilities.

Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the good hospitals for cancer treatment in major cities of India.

Cancer hospitals of Delhi

Delhi has about 30 reputed oncology hospitals offering all kinds cancer treatments. Some of the famous cancer hospitals of the city are Fortis Hospital, Apollo Hospital, BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Max Super Specialty Hospital, Jaypee Hospital Noida, Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, Institute Rotary Cancer Hospital (IRCH), Dharamshila Hospital and Research Centre, Action Cancer Hospital, Delhi State Cancer Institute, Cancer Healer Center, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, and Batra Hospital etc.

The city boasts many highly experienced and qualified oncologists. To name some are Dr. K.K. Pandey, Dr. Ramesh Sarin, Dr. Sabyasachi Bal, Dr. K.K Pandey, Dr. Arun Kumar Giri, Dr. W.V.B.S Ramalingam, Dr. Sabyasachi Bal, Dr. Sameer Kaul, Dr. K. M. Parthasarathy, Dr. Rajeev Agarwal, Dr. Rama Joshi, Dr. Sudhir K Rawal, Dr. Harit Chaturvedi, Dr. Suparno Chakrabarti, Dr. Anshuman Kumar,Dr. Satinder Kaur, Dr. Chandan Choudhary, Dr. Deepak Singhal, Dr. Niranjan Naik, and Dr. Jalaj Baxi etc.

Cancer hospitals of Mumbai

There are about 30 cancer hospitals in Mumbai. Kokilaben HospitalGlobal HospitalS. L. Raheja Hospital, Fortis Hiranandani Hospital, Wockhardt Hospital, Jaslok Hospital, PD Hinduja National Hospital, Dr. L H Hiranandani HospitalNanavati Hospital, Lilavati HospitalSeven Hills Hospital, and Breach Candy Hospital Trust etc., are some of the well-known reputed hospitals in the city.

To name some of the famous oncologists of the city, known for their surgical skills and other cancer treatments are Dr. P Jagannath, Dr. Uma Bhaskar Dangi, Dr. Ramankant Krishnaji Deshpande, Dr. Chetan Shah, Dr. Kamran Ahmed Khan, Dr. Vijay Haribhakti, Dr. Arun Behl, Dr. Ashok R. Mehta, Dr. Haresh Manglani, Dr. Shishir Shetty, Dr. Boman Nariman Dhabhar, Dr. Sanghavi Meghal Jayant, Dr. Mahendra Shrikant Navare, Dr. Krutarth D. Thakar, and Dr. Ian D’souza etc.

Cancer hospitals of Kolkata

Kolkata has about 15 oncology hospitals providing world-class facilities and specialized cancer treatment such as Fortis HospitalApollo Gleneagles Hospital, Narayana Multispeciality Hospital, Charnock HospitalDesun Hospital, Cancer Centre Welfare Home and Research Institute, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Cancer Research Institute, Tata Medical Center,  etc.

Some of its well-known oncologists are Dr. Gouri Sankar Bhattacharya, Dr. Rajesh Jindal, Dr. Sumantra Ray, Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Dr. Saurabh Ghosh, Dr. Rajesh Jindal, Dr. Shubhayu Banerjee, Dr. Sumit Sanyal, Dr. Rajib Dey, Dr. Arunava Roy, Dr. Dev Shuvendu Roy, Dr. Suddhasatwa Ray, Dr. Soumya Bhattacharya, and Dr. Jayesh Kumar Jha.

Cancer hospitals of Bangalore

There are over 25 oncology hospitals in Bangalore such as Fortis HospitalBGS Global hospital, Manipal Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, The Bangalore Hospital, Mazumdar Shaw Medical Centre, Apollo Specialty HospitalHCG Cancer Centre, Kidwai Memorial institute of oncology, known for treating and curing cancer patients.

Some of renowned cancer specialists of the city are Dr. Chandrashekar, Dr. Pragnya Coca, Dr. Vineet Gupta, Dr. Sandeep Nayak, Dr. Jayanti S Thumsi, Dr. Vijayasarathy Kothandaraman, Dr. Aditi Bhatt, Dr. Niti Raizada Narang, Dr. K R Madhava, Dr. Sachin Suresh Jadhav, Dr. M. Udaya Kumar Maiya, Dr. Girish G, Dr. Sharat Damodar, Dr. K Harish, Dr. Nanda Rajaneesh K, and Dr. P. P. Bapsy etc.

Cancer hospitals of Chennai

Chennai has over 24 good cancer specialty hospitals like SIMS Hospital, Apollo Speciality Cancer Hospital, Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai Meenakshi Multispeciality Hospital, Vijaya Hospital, Bharathiraja Speciality Hospital and Research Centre, MIOT International, Dr. Kamakshi Memorial Hospital, and Adyar Cancer Institute etc.

Dr. Bellarmine Vincent Lawrence, Dr. S Vijayaraghavan, Dr. Raja T, Dr. C S Mani, Dr. A N Vaidhyswaran, Dr. Mahadev P, Dr. Alamuri Ramesh, Dr. K. R. Gopi, Dr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra, Dr. Deenadayalan, Dr. Deenadayalan, Dr. S. Jagadesh Chandra Bose, Dr. P. Rajkumar, Dr. Subbaiah Shanmugam, Dr. Vikas Mahajan, Dr. Aruna Chandrasekharan, and Dr. Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra etc., are some of the well-known cancer specialist in Chennai.

Cancer hospitals of Gurgaon

Gurgaon has over 15 cancer specialty hospitals like Artemis HospitalParas Hospital, Medanta – The Medicity, Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI), and Columbia Asia Hospital, etc.

Dr. Ashok Vaid, Dr. RN Mittal, Dr. Rakesh Chopra, Dr. (Brig) A K Dhar, Dr. Indu Bansal Aggarwal, Dr. Anusheel Munshi, Dr. Bidhu K. Mohanti, Dr. Rama Joshi, Dr. Vinod Raina, Dr. Vinay Samuel Gaikwad, Dr. Jyoti Wadhwa, Dr. Satya Prakash Yadav, Dr. Satya Prakash Yadav, Dr. Deepak Jha, Dr. Mandeep Singh Malhotra, and Dr. Rajeev Sharan etc., are some of the reputed oncologists practicing in the city.

How can MedGurus guide me to the best hospital?

Based on our multilevel research on cancer treatment procedures offered such as chemotherapy and cancer surgery and best oncologists in India, we see Indian hospitals as a reliable and appropriate location for all types of cancer treatments not just for people living in the country but foreign nationals. So if you are diagnosed cancer, you need not worry as you will be in safe hands at the best of hospitals in the country.

MedGurus is happy to advise you for high quality and affordable cancer cure in any part of India and make your job (of selecting cancer hospital and best cancer specialist in India) simpler.

Are you an International patient?

If Yes, it is highly advised pls visit our Medical Tourism page for complete guidance on i.e. expert medical advice & cost estimate, best hospitals & specialists, Visa Assistance etc.

How to Contact

It is strongly suggested to get best suited advise, pls fill our Patient Assistance Request form with your correct email ID, Contact no., about the disease/medical complication, clear & crisp message including Medical Reports etc.

  1. Cancers in children are a very specialized field of medicine and require specialist experienced in pediatric cancer treatment which include oncologist and pediatric surgeons. Please include the pediatric cancer care as a separate page in your website.
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  2. Hello, I’m looking for a good and affordable oncology hospital for my mum who had ovarian cancer in 2014. She underwent surgery in 2015 at Apollo hospital now she is finding it difficult to pass stool and we just want a hospital that will take good care of her. The CT Scan done here says mass in the colon was seen. Good hospital not in Delhi or Mumbai. Please we will be glad if you can help? Thank you.

  3. I have gone through the information which is self explainetry.The patient at this stage requires chemo therpy treatment.where this available.

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