Cancer screening testsCancer Screening Test

Cancer Screening tests are the series of tests done to check for cancer even before you develop any symptoms for it.

Cancer screening tests can help in early detection of the disease which means better chances of successful treatment and cure. The cancer symptoms usually appear to show when it has already developed and spread to nearby organs. Most of the cancers do not have symptoms and screening tests can greatly benefit such patients in timely treatment. Such cancers are difficult to treat and the patient undergoes too much of physical, mental and financial burden.

Cancer screening is a combination of below examinations/tests that your doctor would do:

Physical examination: To check for lumps, an unusual growth in the body or change in bowel movement etc.

Medical history and history of cancer in the family,

Laboratory tests: Test samples of tissue, blood, urine, or other substances in the body.

Imaging tests: X-rays, MRI or CT scans etc.

Genetic tests: Checks for gene mutations linked to specific types of cancer.

Tests for colon/intestinal cancer: Sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy

Who undergo cancer screening tests?

Anyone can go cancer screening test, especially if you have a family history of any type of cancer, screening tests are beneficial. All those who have erratic lifestyle including smoking, tobacco intake, alcoholic or abnormal work conditions should choose for cancer screening tests. They are high risk people for lung cancer, throat cancer, stomach or liver cancer etc.

Women should check for breast cancer, ovarian cancer or cervical cancer screening tests.

Risks of cancer screening tests

  • Some screening tests like colonoscopy can cause side-effects like swelling or bleeding. Check with your doctor for such complications before undergoing any tests
  • False-negative test results are possible i:e., when they appear to be normal
  • False-positive test results are possible i:e., when they appear to be abnormal

Cost of cancer screening

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