Heart Surgery Treatment or Heart Transplant – India is among a few affordable destinations of the world for all kinds of heart surgeries. Recently, the country has witnessed a surge in the international patients from the U.S., UK, Africa, UAE, etc., coming here for bypass, angioplasty, and valve replacement procedures. The reason being, heart surgeries are very economical here. It costs about 80% less than in the U.S. without compromising on the quality of the sophisticated surgical heart procedures. In the U.S. where you would pay over US$50,000 for a typical bypass heart surgery, the same quality procedure in India would cost you only about US$7,000.

Look at Heart Surgery Cost and its determinants in various cities of India.

Bypass, valve replacement, Angioplasty, Open Heart Surgery, minimally invasive heart surgery etc., are deemed to be expensive surgeries. It includes not only the procedure cost but also pre- and post-operation expenses. You will find variations in the cost of the process for each location and hospital even within the same geographical location.

Factors that Determine Cost of Heart Transplant or Surgery:

  • Patient’s age and medical history
  • Type of heart surgery (bypass, valve replacement, angioplasty, Angiography etc.)
  • Valve implants, pacemaker, stents or balloon costs, if used
  • Type of techniques used (open heart, minimally invasive, off-pump CABG etc.)
  • Unanticipated complication, treatment or equipment required
  • Surgeon and other doctors’ fee (anesthetist, assistants etc.)
  • Cost of living of the geographical location
  • Type of hospital/room facility (general, twin sharing, deluxe etc.)

The other Heart Transplant expenses that would be included in your operational treatment are:

  • Medications
  • ECGs, MRI, X-rays, blood tests, and other medical tests
  • Medical supplies before and after the surgery
  • Hospital stay
  • Post-surgery after discharge expenses comprise – medications, and periodical doctor visits

Heart Surgery Packages of Hospitals

Cost of heart surgery in India
Heart Surgery can be expensive, do your homework well!

Generally, cardiology hospitals compile their total cost for the procedure in a “package”. The “package” comprises all the above charges including your doctor’s fees, room charges medicines, and investigations during your hospital stay of between three to seven days for the heart surgery. The final actual cost may vary with patient to patient depending upon his medical conditions.

In addition to this, post your hospital discharge you would have to also spend on medicines, post-surgery tests, if required (ECG, EKG, or cardiac CT etc.) and doctor’s consultation fee of US$ 14-24. These expenses are separate from the hospital package.

Approximately, a typical heart bypass surgery would cost in India is between US$ 4,600-7,600 while that of angioplasty using one stent would come to over US$ 4,600. The angioplasty cost goes up with number and type of stents used.

If you are an international patient, you have to also include the cost of traveling, hotel stay, and food too in your heart surgery budget. The cost of any type of heart surgery in India for international patients is far less than the spent for the heart surgery in the U.S. or Europe.

Heart Treatment Cost varies with Indian cities

In India, treatment cost in metro cities is higher due to extra taxes levied on the implants and equipment etc. Bangalore and Chennai is deemed to be on higher side of the cost while cities like Kolkata, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad come up as low-cost heart surgery destinations. Heart surgery cost in Nagpur and Pune like cities would come to about 15% less than metros like Mumbai.

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Insurance cover in heart surgeries in India

Many public and private insurance companies cover preexisting heart conditions under insurance. Do good research on the insurance options before opting for one.

How MedGurus can help you?

Since cost is a big factor in decision making for undergoing heart surgery and some hospitals may keep it deliberately confusing, you may discuss with us and get more clarity on that too. At MedGurus, if you discuss your case with us, we offer you guidance on hospitals based on your specific medical case and heart surgery budget.

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Are you an International patient?

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