Bladder reconstructed after Total CystectomyCystectomy

Cystectomy is a removal of a complete or partial urinary bladder. The term Cystectomy is also used for removal of the ovarian cyst or gall bladder (Cholecystectomy).

Cystectomy can be done using any of the below techniques:

Open surgery – The traditional method open and long cut to access the bladder

Minimally invasive surgery (Laparoscopy) – Surgical tools inserted through small incisions to reach the bladder

Robotic surgery – Minimally invasive surgery in which the surgeon remotely operates through the surgical tools

When is Cystectomy done?

  • Defects in the urinary system by birth
  • Urinary bladder cancer or one in any nearby organ which has grown to spread in the bladder
  • Neurological disorders in the urinary system
  • Injuries to the bladder

In case complete bladder is removed, the urinary tract would be reconstructed for the urine exit from the body. This may be done through any of these procedures: Urostomy, Cutaneous continent urinary diversion, and Orthotopic continent urinary diversion.

The type of reconstruction you would undergo depends on your medical conditions and general health.

Cost of Cystectomy

The cost of Cystectomy in India is approximately US$6042. To get the best cost estimate for the procedure in India, please share your medical reports.

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