Profile Description

Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar

Director- Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
Consultant- Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai
Department- IVF (In Vitro Fertilitization)
Procedures Expertised : IVF, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, Laser Assisted Hatching, Micromanipulation

Introduction of Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar

Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar is a renowned IVF specialist in India specializing in Infertility treatment. She is a part of the infertility division in prestigious hospitals which includes Fortis hospitals in Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Delhi and Mumbai, D Y Patil Hospital and Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai. She was the first in Asia to introduce Digital Microscope Incubator and is also responsible for introducing the Spindle view Technology in India. She has set up several IVF and Fertility clinics all over the country and is closely associated with every unit to provide the best of facilities. She also played a pioneering role in introducing a technology to improve male infertility known as the Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection (IMSI) in India.

With over 24 years of experience in the field of Gynecology and Infertility treatment, Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar has received training in IVF and Micromanipulation from University of Ghent in Belgium. She has established 4 IVF labs in India that meet the International Standards and have the best and advanced technology and highly skilled and experienced doctors. Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar has also set up the egg and ovarian tissue bank in the country. She has not only treated and helped several patients but also served as a teacher and guide. She works as a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology in Dr. D Y Patil Medical College and is also a teacher for the FNB degree of the National Board.

Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar constantly strives to reduce the cost and make IVF treatments affordable for everyone. She has introduced several new fertility techniques in India of which Embryoscope is a prominent procedure. She along with her team performs over 3000 art cycles each year in all of the units that she is affiliated to. She regularly organizes workshops and training programs and has trained over 5000 gynecologists in infertility management. She has been part of the team to introduce Assisted Laser Hatching in India and also to help a 61 year old woman give birth with the help of gamete donation.

Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar is among the few IVF specialists in the country with immense knowledge and experience in the field of infertility. She has done numerous research work and is actively involved in several clinical trials as well. A member of various infertility associations, she has attended conferences and seminars all over the world to remain updated with the new changes as well as to present her work and findings. She has also received several awards and appreciation for her contributions and dedication towards her profession.

Work Experience of Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar

  • Director, IVF and Infertility, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon
  • Consultant, IVF and Infertility, Lilavati Hospital and Research Centre, Mumbai
  • Senior Consultant, IVF and Infertility, Palshetkar Patil Nursing Home, Mumbai
  • Consultant, IVF and Infertility, Fortis La Femme Hospital, New Delhi
  • Consultant, Bloom IVF Centre across India
  • Professor, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dr. D Y Patil Medical College, Mumbai
  • Teacher, FNB, National Board of Education

Education of Dr. Nandita P Palshetkar

  • MBBS, Grant Medical College and Sir J J Hospital, Mumbai, 1985
  • MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Mumbai University, 1993
  • FCPS, Midwifery and Gynecology, College of Physicians and Surgeons
  • FICOG, Indian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology


  • IVF and Micromanipulation, University of Ghent, Belgium, 1989
  • Embryoscopy, Alpha School of Embryology, Naples, 1999
  • IVF and ICSI, Melbourne IVF Centre, Australia, 2001
  • USG and FHR Monitoring, Wadia Hospital, Mumbai
  • Cytology, Cama Hospital, Mumbai
  • Ultrasonography and Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring, Wadia Hospital, Mumbai


  • Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India, Senior Vice President
  • Indian Association of Gynecological Endoscopists, Vice President
  • Mumbai Obstetric and Gynecological Society, President
  • Association of Maharashtra Obstetric and Gynecological Societies, Vice President
  • Indian Society for Assisted Reproduction, Former Honorary Secretary
  • National Guidelines for Accreditation, Supervision & Regulation of ART Clinics in India, IAGE
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • European Society of Human Reproduction
  • Indian Association of Human Reproduction
  • Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction
  • Indian Council for Medical Research

Awards and Recognition

  • Golden Globe Tigers Award, Outstanding Contribution in IVF and Fertility, 2017
  • Medical Tourism Excellence Award, Best IVF and Fertility Care, MTDA Medical Tourism Conclave ad, 2017
  • Best Healthcare Professional in Delhi- NCR, International Healthcare Summit and Awards, 2016
  • Bharat Gaurav Award, 2014
  • Dignitaries of Maharashtra Award, 2013
  • Best IVF Service provider of the year, Healthcare Excellence Awards, 2013
  • Gr8 Women’s Achievers Award, 2011
  • Achievers Award, Hex World Newsmakers, Best Gynecologist, 2010
  • Best Woman Achiever, Gynecology, 2010
  • Best Woman Achiever, Gynecology, Giants Group of Byculla, 2009
  • Bharat Excellence Award, Gold Medal, Certificate of Excellence and Felicitation, Friendship Forum of India, 2009
  • Maharashtrian Woman Achiever, Mumbai Festival, 2006

  • IVF
  • ICSI
  • IMSI
  • IUI
  • Micromanipulation
  • Laser Assisted Hatching

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