BotoxThough popularly known to be cosmetically used to prevent wrinkles, Botox treatment also treats many other medical conditions.

Botox is made from the bacteria that cause botulism (paralysis of muscles). It is used in specific dosage to stop muscles nerve activity of the surrounding area where it is injected. This blocks the movement of the muscles preventing wrinkles or muscle spasms etc.

Botox is injected into a muscle with doses given in the gap of about three months. Depending upon the condition to be treated it may be given into more than one area at a time.

A slight variation from the right dosage of the drug may lead to serious health conditions, thus botox treatment should be taken only from a qualified experienced surgeon.

When is Botox treatment used?

Your doctor is the best judge to tell when botox can be done and in what amount or frequency to treat any of the below conditions:

  • To prevent facial wrinkles
  • Cervical dystonia (severe spasms in the neck muscles)
  • To treat muscle spasms in limbs
  • To treat eye muscle conditions due to nerve disorders
  • To treat serious chronic migraine
  • To treat severe underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis)
  • To treat hyperactive bladder (urine leakage) due to spine injury or multiple sclerosis etc.

Side-effects of Botox treatment

  • Headache, muscle stiffness
  • Bleeding, bruising, pain, redness, or swelling where the injection was given
  • Dry mouth
  • Increased sweating
  • Blurred vision

Risks of Botox treatment

  • Severe muscle weakness
  • Difficulty in breathing, swallowing or talking
  • No bladder control
  • Swelling in eyelid, vision problem
  • Pain and burning sensation when urinating or no urination
  • Chest pain

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