brain tumor surgeryBrain Tumor surgery is done to treat most benign and malignant brain tumors. Surgery is the initial treatment for most benign and many malignant tumors. It is often the preferred treatment when a tumor can be removed without any unnecessary risk of neurological damage.

Types of brain tumor surgery

  • Biopsy – (removal of a sample brain tumor tissue for examination)
  • Craniotomy
  • Endonasal endoscopy
  • Neuroendoscopy (is a minimally-invasive surgery done through small holes in the skull or mouth or nose)

When is Brain Tumor surgery done?

  • To get tumor sample for right diagnosis
  • To remove brain tumor
  • To relieve symptoms caused by the tumor
  • To reduce the extent of tumor to be treated via chemo or radiation therapy
  • Relieve seizures caused due to a brain tumor

Risks of Brain Tumor surgery

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • Blood pressure instability
  • Pneumonia

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