Breast Cancer SurgeryThe basic aim of breast cancer surgery is to get rid of cancerous cells present in the breast. The kind of breast cancer surgery you undergo depends upon your medical conditions and the cancer spread. Performed under general anesthesia, it takes over three hours to complete a surgery.

Types of Breast Cancer Surgery

  • Removal of only part of the breast containing the cancer cells also called breast-conserving surgery (lumpectomy, quadrantectomy, or partial mastectomy)
  • Removal of the entire breast (Mastectomy)

When is breast cancer surgery done?

  • To prevent the spread of cancer in the breast by removing one or both breasts partially or completely
  • To find out the cancer spread (stage of cancer) in the lymph nodes (underarms) and also remove affected nearby lymph nodes in the breast, if needed
  • To restore the shape of breast after a cancer surgery (breast reconstruction)

Recovery after breast cancer surgery

Your hospital stay is about three days. It will be longer if you have a breast reconstruction surgery along with cancer surgery. You will be on medications and advised some arm exercises and precautions related to bandage and incisions care. Complete recovery would take few months and require follow-up doctor visits.

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