DermabrasionDermabrasion is a skin resurfacing procedure which removes the skin’s upper layers with the help of a diamond wheel or a wire brush having rough edges. During the process, the skin gets injured causing bleeding. Once the skin heals after dermabrasion, the new skin regrows replacing the impaired one. Under anesthesia one area is treated at a time.

Dermabrasion can be done on any part of body, mostly used to treat the skin of face. The procedure improves skin having acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks or inflammatory conditions.

When is Dermabrasion done?

  • To remove acne scars, surgery or injury scars
  • To remove wrinkles, fine lines, and stretch marks
  • To treat small cysts, epidermal nevi, Bowen’s disease or basal cell skin cancers
  • To treat superficial skin growths like rhinophyma
  • To treat solar lentigines or melisma (patchy colors in the skin)
  • To remove  tattoos

Recovery after Dermabrasion

Recovery depends on the depth and size of the skin area treated. Deeper and larger area resurfacing takes longer to recover. You may have some pain and swelling which is managed by medication. The skin grows back in five-eight days. The new skin is a pinkish in color which becomes normal in about three months. You can use makeup to gain normal skin tone till then. You can get back to normal routine in about three weeks.

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