Cancer Prevention: 10 Common Blunders May Lead to Cancer

On this World Cancer Day let’s start with a positive note. Yes, we can. I can. That’s what also the theme of World Cancer Day 2016-2018 awareness drives is.

So, we can prevent cancer. And if still get caught we can fight it.

Next it’s some knowledge sharing and a small step towards this fight against cancer.

Remember it’s not always, genes or your bad luck that cause cancer but we ourselves sometimes unconsciously move towards the disease through our food habits, environment, and lifestyle. These are all those things that can mostly be controlled.

Just read on what 10 most common blunders we do each day that may bring us closer to cancer.

  1. Under the sun with no protection – Excess of UV rays are harmful to the effect to cause skin and breast cancer. We should avoid excess of sun exposure and use sun protection measures like sunblock creams, fully covered clothing, hats, and umbrellas etc., when going out in sun.
  2. Exposing yourself to chemicals in the environment -There are pollutants and harmful chemicals in the air coming from transport, industry, fossil fuel power stations, etc., that are becoming the common cause of lung cancers. As an individual, you can avoid producing more of it. Switch to vehicle pooling, public transport, cycling or walking if possible. Remember every drop counts in an ocean!
  3. Addicted to smoking and tobacco – A habit that is a slow killer is smoking and chewing tobacco. It’s a major cause of mouth, throat, larynx, lung, pancreas, bladder, and kidney around the world. Those affected also include passive smokers (i:e non-smokers around you). Tobacco (gutka) cause oral cancers, even the areca nut (supari) are also carcinogenic.
  4. Addicted to alcohol – By drinking too much you put yourself at high risk of cancers of liver, stomach, pancreas, esophagus, and colon.
  5. Follow unhealthy diet – Keeping a healthy body-weight through a balanced diet is essential. A diet full of junks, fat, added sugars, and processed packed and preserved for long food lead you towards cancer.
  6. Eating large quantity of red meat and processed meat– Studies prove eating regularly lot of red meat and processed meat can increase the risk of certain cancers like bowel, pancreatic and stomach cancer.
  7. Reusing oil for frying food – When heated beyond its boiling point edible oil produces carcinogenic substances. So just heat the oil and avoid reuse, especially when frying.
  8. Charcoaling, grilling, smoking, or barbequing food – The food cooked by these methods release carcinogenic nitrogen compounds,  so avoid the much intake of charcoaled, grilled, smoked, or barbequed meat etc.
  9. Inactive lifestyle with no exercise and least activity – Exercise boosts energy and strengthen your internal organs like heart and lungs. A sedentary lifestyle with wrong eating habits leads to obesity which can be a reason for cancer.
  10. Do not go for regular screening – This is the most common blunder many of you do. Early detection increases the chances of maximum benefits from the cancer treatment. Visit your doctor for regular self-screenings for various types of cancers like skin, colon, cervix and breast etc.

Healthy living can always guard you against developing cancer and is a key to fight cancer disease.

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