Angiography Procedure

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Recommended Doctors and Hospitals for Angiography procedure

Following is a list of the most reputed specialists in India for Angiography.
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Doctor ImageDr. NameSpecialtyHospital AssociatedContact DoctorCity
Dr. Ashok SethDr. Ashok SethInterventional CardiologistFortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research CentreContact DoctorDelhi
Dr. Praveen ChandraDr. Praveen ChandraInterventional CardiologistMedanta - The Medicity Contact DoctorGurgaon
Dr. Manjinder SandhuDr. Manjinder SandhuInterventional CardiologistArtemis HospitalContact DoctorGurgaon
Dr Atul MathurDr. Atul Mathur Interventional CardiologistFortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research CentreContact DoctorDelhi
Dr Jamshed DalalDr. Jamshed DalalInterventional CardiologistKokilaben Dhirubai Ambani HospitalContact DoctorMumbai
Dr. Samuel MathewDr. Samuel MathewInterventional CardiologistWockhardt HospitalsContact DoctorMumbai
Dr Praveer AggarwalDr. Praveer Aggarwal Interventional CardiologistFortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research CentreContact DoctorDelhi
Dr Subhash ChandraDr. Subhash ChandraInterventional CardiologistBLK Super Specialty HospitalContact DoctorDelhi
Dr. Ranjan KachruDr. Ranjan KachruInterventional CardiologistFortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall HospitalContact DoctorNew Delhi
Dr. Tapan GhoseDr. Tapan GhoseInterventional CardiologistFortis Flt. Lt. Rajan Dhall HospitalContact DoctorNew Delhi
Dr Monik MehtaDr. Monik Mehta Interventional CardiologistArtemis HospitalContact DoctorGurgaon
Dr Prashant NairDr. Prashant NairInterventional CardiologistKokilaben Dhirubai Ambani HospitalContact DoctorMumbai
Dr Sneha KulkarniDr. Snehal KulkarniInterventional CardiologistKokilaben Dhirubai Ambani HospitalContact DoctorMumbai
Dr. D.K. JhambDr. D.K. JhambInterventional CardiologistParas HospitalContact DoctorGurgaon
Dr. Arvind DasDr. Arvind DasInterventional CardiologistMax HospitalContact DoctorGurgaon
Dr. Bagirath RaghuramanDr. Bagirath RaghuramanInterventional CardiologistNarayana Institute of Cardiac SciencesContact DoctorBangalore
Dr Vishal RastogiDr. Vishal RastogiInterventional CardiologistFortis Escorts Heart Institute and Research CentreContact DoctorDelhi

Cost of Angiography procedure

Angiography in India costs about USD 300-500.

Don’t travel just for Angiography!

Please note that, angiography is is a diagnostic procedure only done mostly for cardiac evaluations. After angiography, the patient either needs Angioplasty Stenting or CABG. Hence, please prepare yourself for those eventualities financially if you are planning to come over to India.

Understanding Angiography Procedure

Angiography is a diagnostic procedure used to confirm or rule out an abnormality like narrowing (stenosis) or blockages (occlusions) of blood vessels in any part of the blood circulatory system or in organs.

Angiography basically examines the blood vessels and the flow of blood through them in the body. The radiographic technique can be simply called x-ray of blood vessels. The terms angiogram or arteriogram are also used for the procedure.

During an angiography the radiologist inserts a radiopaque substance or the contrast medium (iodine) through a catheter (a thin tube) into a vein in the arm to make the blood vessels visible on the x-ray or fluoroscopic images.
Sometimes, based on medical case, interventional radiologist may treat a blocked artery during angiography through angiogplasty technique.

Angiography procedure is painless as done under general anesthesia. It may take about an hour but you will be kept in observation for about six hours in the hospital. After the procedure, a rest of two to three days would be advised.
You will get angiography reports the same day. The reports help the doctor to plan the further course of treatment.

Types of angiography (based on part of body to be examined)

• Cerebral angiography (head and neck)
• Coronary angiography (heart)
• Pulmonary angiography (lungs)
• Renal angiography (kidneys)
• Extremity angiography (arms and legs)

Purpose of angiography

• To identify blocking or narrowing of arteries (atherosclerosis)
• To diagnose any heart disease in case of heart attack or angina
• To detect cerebral vascular disease, such as stroke or bleeding in the brain
• To assess kidney function
• To detect cysts or tumors in kidney
• To map renal anatomy in transplant donors
• To examine the blood flow in the retina of eye
• To get a vascular plan of the organ before a surgery like that of heart or brain etc.
• To detect any blood vessel injury after an accident
• To detect blood clots
• To locate internal bleeding

Note (for foreign patients):

Besides South Asian countries (Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), every year, India gets thousands of medical tourists from African countries- Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Ghana, Somalia,Gambia etc and Middle Eastern countries like Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Yemen etc. Hence, if you are a citizen of any of these countries, there is good likelihood that you will be meeting some fellow citizens or same language speakers in the major hospitals in India. Almost all the top hospitals have translators for people of these region. Our patient support team is also well placed to assist you.

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