British Man Holds Gender Change, Gets Pregnant !

British man holds gender change, gets pregnant !

With the news of the British man to give birth, gender transition has reached a new paradigm where medical science is testing its limits to confront the nature. The story of Hayden Cross is a peculiar example of transforming identity.

Cross was born as a woman, lived legally as a man for three years and was already a half-way to transform from a woman to a man, when a desire to get pregnant with his own eggs took over him. He put his gender transition on hold to give birth to a baby.

He wanted to freeze his eggs for future but when he did not get the NHS consent for the expensive egg freezing process – he decided to delay his gender change and have a child first.

Defying all odds, threats and social pressures, he found an anonymous sperm donor through Facebook. Conceived in first attempt through IVF in September 2016, Cross is expected to become the first UK male to give birth in next few months. Successfully pregnant, Cross now wants to be the greatest dad!

Gender transition in an individual brings irreversible physical and hormonal changes. The process of gender change is a complex one, and both physically and psychologically exhausting. By Sex Reassignment Surgery (SRS), also called genital reconstruction surgery a transgender person’s existing sexual characteristics are altered to look like that of their identified gender.

The procedures normally include hormonal therapy and sex change surgeries such as mastectomy, hysterectomy, orchiectomy, vaginoplasty etc.

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