Corneal Transplant made Effortless for Kenyan Patient

It is Mosis Mazrui’s second visit to India. This time it is for a follow-up for the corneal transplant surgery that he underwent six months back at Fortis Memorial Research Institute (FMRI) in Gurgaon, India.

‘I would say it has been an effortless experience to come to India for my eye surgery,’ shares Mosis sitting relaxed at the hospital’s lobby with his wife. The whole process was so streamlined. Being quiet happy and satisfied with the surgery and the results, next he plans for some sight-seeing with his wife before leaving for Kenya.

Mosis recalls how he was gradually losing vision of his right eye and the continuous pain made it unbearable. When he visited the ophthalmologist in Kenya’s Mewa Hospital, the doctor recommended a corneal transplant.

Mosis was aware India has state-of-the art facilities for such serious procedures. ‘Flying to India was the best option for me as Kenya does not have advanced facilities and I could not take chances with my eyesight,’ he added. Most of his acquaintances in Kenya had visited cities like Mumbai, Chennai or Hyderabad for their different treatments. But he was not sure where in India he could get his surgery done as per his need.

Mosis contacted his medical insurance agency and they connected him with the Fortis Hospital at Gurgaon location. Within a month he was in India for the surgery. Dr. Anita Sethi, Director Opthomology, FMRI and her team conducted his surgery. The hospital staff had been also very supportive. All his surgery cost was covered in the medical insurance.

Mosis feels he is lucky that his travel and treatment went on so smoothly. In Kenya there are many patients who are delaying their treatment due to lack of genuine knowledge or guidance as to how to initiate the medical care in India. ‘We need services like MedGurus who can provide honest guidance for treatment in India,’ he adds.

(The name of patient has been changed on anonymity.)

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