How to get Medical Visa for Treatment in India

Foreign nationals seeking a medical treatment in India would require a Medical Visa. For this a Medical Visa Invitation Letter with conformation of acceptacnce from a reputed recognized hospital in India is essential. A medical visa for treatment in India is given for a number of diseases and treatments such as cancer, brain & neuro surgeries, spinal surgeries, heart surgeries, knee or hip replacements, renal disorders, congenital diseases, plastic surgery, organ transplants (kidney, liver, heart etc.), stem cell therapy, gene therapy, ophthalmic disorders etc.

Before applying for a medical visa, it is necessary that you seek the  initial medical consultation/guidance in your own country and take local doctor’s recommendation for treatment abroad.

Who can accompany patient?

Maximum two attendants who are in blood relation can accompany the patient to India for the treatment. A Medical Attendant Visa is of same duration as the patient’s Medical Visa.

Validity of Medical Visa

The initial validity of a Medical visa is for a year or a time period of the treatment, whichever is less. The visa permits maximum three entries in the country within a year.

Extension of Medical Visa

The medical visa can be extended on medical grounds, which should be duly certified by the treatment hospital. The hospital should be a government recognized private hospital or a government hospital.

Visa-on-arrival system

The government of India has provision for visa-on-arrival system for few selected countries. Under this foreign nationals can stay in India for 30 days for medical procedures.

Step-by-step for how to initiate for the treatment in India

Medical Tourism-Flow Chart

1. Discuss your Medical Condition & get treatment plan

You can initiate the process by filling the contact form below this page. Please share all the medical reports of the patient and provide your valid contact number. On receipt of the same, we will discuss your case with medical team and recommend you the best hospital and specialist for treatment. Thereafter, we will also share the treatment plan, approximate cost, and duration of the treatment stay in India.

2. Medical Invitation letter from the hospital

Once you decide on the hospital, you will send us the copy of patient & attendant’s passports. We will then issue you the Visa Invitation Letter from the finalized hospital. You can then go ahead and apply for medical visa. For visa application, you will need to show that a reputed hospital has agreed to treat the patient and you need to provide a reference. We will help you in the process.

3. Apply for the Medical Visa in the Indian embassy

Next, submit the Medical Invitation Letter along with other documents in the Indian Embassy of your country to get the medical visa. You can fill the form online first and then submit to the embassy/consulate in print.

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4. Book your tickets to India

When you get the visas, plan your travel and book tickets to India on the required date. In most airlines it is mandatory to carry a Fit-to-Fly certificate from your doctor, if you are traveling on medical visa. Check with your airlines beforehand for the same.

5. In India, get registered at FRRO (Foreign Regional Registration offices).

In India, within 14 days of arrival, it is necessary for foreign patients and attendants to register themselves with the concerned FRROs/FROs (Foreign Regional Registration offices). FRRO is a primary agency in the country to regulate the movement, stay, departure, and extension of the visa (if required).

FRRO registration requires the following documents to be submitted – Patient and attendants passport and visa copies, four passport size photographs of each, and Yellow card copy (applicable for Kenya, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Israel, Pakistan, Nigeria and Somalia). The hospital will assist you in filling the FRRO form and completing formalities.

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6. Your treatment begins in India

In most of the cases the medical treatment process begins as soon as you reach the hospital. Alongside, the hospital assists you in completing other formalities such as FRRO, hospital admission, etc.

Documents required at airport when you leave India

After successfully completing the treatment, while you leave the country, some documents are mandatory to carry for the airport formalities. These are fit-to-fly certificate, FRRO registration copy, permission to carry medicines, and hospital discharge summary.

Be assured, MedGurus team will be always there to provide free assistance in the process!

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