How to Play Healthy & Safe Holi ?

kids play safe holiHoli brings with it immense joy, happiness and the riot of colors, which actually boost your minds and celebrations. But on this joyful and playful festival, do not ignore your health and safety.

Here are some simple tips to safeguard your hair, skin and body on this Holi.

Hair, eyes and skincare

  • Apply coconut or mustard oil on the scalp and hair.
  • Apply oil like olive or coconut liberally on your whole body, atleast an hour before playing with colors. apply coconut oil on skin on holiAfter putting oil, apply water-proof sunscreen of SPF 25-30.
  • Do not wear contact lenses. Wear sunglasses or plain glasses to protect your eyes. If colors get into eyes, wash with cold water.
  • Cover any cuts or burns with band aid before playing with colors
  • Use dry herbal colors. It will not only save your skin but save water too.
  • Do not play with colors if you are allergic to them.
  • All those who have asthma refrain from playing colors.
  • Wear full sleeve cotton clothes

Keep a check on what you eat & drinkhealthy holi gujiya

  • Stay hydrated. Drink lots of water
  • It’s a festival but doesn’t mean you binge on all unhealthy. Limit your alcohol intake and do not get on to smoking.
  • Avoid over eating, keep tab on fried foods and too much of sweets
  • Diabetics can have sweets with artificial sweeteners but in a limit

Keep the First-Aid kits handy

  • Keep the First-Aid kits handy which you can easily reach in between the celebrations. It must contain band aid, bandages, skin rash cream, antibacterial lotion, antiseptic cream, and distilled water for cleansing wounds.
  • Do not go for any skincare treatment, like facials or scrubs, atleast till 3 days after playing with colors.
  • See the doctor if irritation in eyes or skin continue for long even after washing.

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Wishing all our readers Happy, Healthy & Safe Holi!

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