Questions to Ask Before a Surgery

Questions to Ask Before a Surgery

Every year millions of different surgeries are conducted in India to treat diseases. Surgeries are big treatment procedures both medically and financially. Thus, whether planned elective surgeries like knee replacement, liposuction, or urgent surgeries like angioplasty, kidney transplant, you are bound to have fears, anxieties, concerns and many questions to ask before a surgery. We get several queries from the patients around the world concerned about their surgical procedures, whether it is safe for them, whether they should at all go for a  surgery, how will be the recovery period etc.

We always emphasize on taking well-informed medical treatment decisions, after all it is the matter of your health and life. Once you are recommended any surgery, do not thoughtlessly accept the fact that you need a surgery. Always, first review with your doctor or surgeon as why and how the surgery is necessary for you. Better if you take a second opinion before finally deciding over the surgical procedure.

Here let’s know the important questions that you should ask your doctor about your surgery, hospital, and surgeon, before undergoing any kind of surgery.

Questions about the surgery

1.     Why do I need this operation?

2.     How will I benefit from this surgery?

3.     What is the success rate of this surgery?

4.     What will happen to me during the operation?

5.     What type of implants, stents etc., if any, will be used?

6.     What are the possible risks and complications in this surgery?

7.     What type of anesthesia would be given to me?

8.     What preparation do I need to make at work and home before/after the surgery?

9.     What special diet I should take before and after the surgery?

10.  How long will be the hospital stay?

11.  What care and patient facility I will get at the hospital after the surgery?

12.  How long will be my recovery period?

13.  How will be my recovery period in terms of treatment, medication, pain sensations, and diet?

14.  What kind of home care and precautions I would need after the surgery?

15.  When can I return to my normal activities?

16.  What will be the side effects of any medication (antibiotics, pain medication, steroids etc.) I would be given through the surgery treatment?

Questions about your surgeon

1.     Is he/she qualified and experienced?

2.     How experienced your surgeon is in conducting this particular surgery?

3.     What is his success rate for this surgery?

Questions about the hospital

1.     Is the hospital accredited and certified?

2.     Is the hospital and surgical facility accredited and properly staffed?

3.     How is the patient care in hospital?

4.     What will the total cost of my surgery including the hospital stay? Would there be variable or any hidden costs too?

If you have any query related to a surgical procedure or looking for a good hospital or best surgeon in India, you can call our patient advisors for ‘free’ guidance

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I want to thank GMA for being there whenever I needed sound advice for my IVF procedure. You have been always supporting and guiding. I wish you best of luck for all the good service you are doing by helping people to take well-informed decisions.