Quick Tips to Control your Diabetes

Diabetes food to avoidDiabetics are highly prone to diseases and infections. Not managed diabetes can lead you to many serious ailments like blindness, glaucoma, cancer, heart stroke, kidney damage, and other complications in your body. These days diabetes is increasingly occurring in younger people too. It is important to note, there is no cure for diabetes but it can be 100{f311d33b9bbfc4f285bed43336857fd8e1ba4c3922f0121c3bf81697a3148487} controlled and managed via combination of eating habits and lifestyle changes. You can still lead a healthy life, if you have diabetes.

So here’s what you should do to control your diabetes:

Eating habits

  • Prepare a balanced diet plan with the help of your nutritionist/ doctor to manage the right intake of all the required nutrients to control your blood sugar levels
  • Never skip meals. Take small meals or go for healthy snacking at regular intervals.
  • Eat food that is lower in calories, fat, sugar, and salt
  • Eat food high in fiber like whole grain cereals, rice or pasta
  • Drink lot of water
  • Prefer artificial sweeteners
  • Cut sugary drinks and juices
  • Some foods recommended to diabetics are amla, dates, barley, flaxseeds and oats.

Lifestyle changes

  • Weight control is extremely important to manage diabetes. Maintain healthy body weight.diabetes exercise
  • Do regular moderate exercise like walking
  • Stress management is important. Do things which make you happy like taking time for hobbies, listening music, reading, or being with friends and family etc.
  • Foot, skin, dental and eye care necessary. Check your feet, skin, gums for diabetes-related issues such as sores, dryness, or blurry vision etc., as it affects even the tiniest blood vessels in your body causing major health problem
  • Quit smoking
  • Quit alcohol intake
  • Regularly monitor your cholesterol and blood sugar level
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