Stem Cell Therapy to Replace Orthopedic Surgeries

Stem Cell Therapy to Replace Orthopedic Surgeries

For all those patients of arthritis or bone degeneration disease who have been advised hip or knee joint replacement surgery can opt for stem cell therapy and get back to their normal selves without undergoing the knife. Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical single-day procedure and an alternative to surgery or bone joint replacement.

The therapy is an advanced medical technique, though still in its development stage, doctors see it as a promising minimally invasive procedure that reduces the risks involved during surgeries. It is already being used by orthopedic doctors as a substitute for knee or hip replacement.

What is a stem cell therapy?

Adult stem cells are present throughout your body inside different types of tissues such as blood, blood vessels, brain, bone marrow, skeletal muscles, skin, and liver. They have the unique ability to multiply and give rise to new healthy cells, thus replacing the diseased ones.

In an attempt to utilize this ability of stem cells, they are now being seen by medical scientists as a means to cure various chronic diseases. A widely use example of stem cell therapy is Bone marrow transplant. Doctors and scientists are doing various clinical trials using stem cells from different body tissues to treat orthopedic injuries.

Stem cell therapy in bone & joint treatment

The stem cell therapy procedure basically includes three steps – withdrawing stem cells from bone marrow, concentrating them in a lab and then re-injecting into the injured body tissues using advanced imaging guidance such as fluoroscopy and MSK ultrasound.

Retrieving stem cells from the body is a simple and least painful procedure. A special needle is inserted into the bone to withdraw marrow blood, which contains the stem cells. The re-injected stem cells boost the natural repair of degenerated bone joints, injured tendons, and ligaments.

You will be able to return to normal activities, avoid the long painful recovery period following invasive joint surgeries. The therapy is also a major breakthrough in confronting the natural breakdown process of tissues due to aging, overuse or injury.

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