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Top 10 Facts about Your Brain’s Health

A healthy brain is necessary for healthy living, as your brain creates ideas, makes memories, controls behavior, helps develop skills, and drives emotions. Brain is one of the most complex objects in the universe.

There are innumerable studies and research that try to decode different parts of brain, their function and often stranger abilities that you could ever think of – these that we need to know for the health of our brain but tend to ignore.

Here we have tried to gather for you some peculiar facts about your brain related to your day-to-day activities that would not only surprise you but force you to rethink ‘Am I doing enough for my brain’s health?’

  1. Never stop learning and experiencing new things in life to keep your brain working and healthy.
    The more it is active, longer and better it functions.
  2. Dieting severely affects the normal functioning of your brain.
    You may diet but do not starve yourself of the nutrients needed for the healthy brain, like carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids.
  3. Seafood is best for your brain.
    Studies have proved fatty acids in fishes improve memory function and prevent dementia.
  4. Increased risk of brain tumors is linked to long-term usage of mobile phones.
    We know you cannot give up the gadget, but can try to limit the use like taking time off the cell phone at different intervals in a day or putting your phone on silent or notifications stopped so that you are not tempted to see at every buzz etc.
  5. If brain loses blood even for 8-10 seconds, you lose consciousness.
    In any such case of trauma or brain injury, know what is the first aid to be given, such as to apply pressure to the wound with sterile gauze or a clean cloth till the medical help arrives.
  6. Your brain combines all the learned memories of the day during night sleep.
    Inadequate proper sleep can result in forgetfulness and weaken judgment. So don’t miss out on the good night sleep of 6-7 hours.
  7. Within 6 minutes of alcohol intake, your brain cells start to react
    Alcohol affects the normal levels of neurotransmitters – the chemical messengers in the brain. Studies prove more drinking or alcoholism leads to structural and functional damage to brain cells.
  8. Drugs and cigarettes decrease brain’s functioning.
    They impair cognitive processes affecting concentration, memory, and organizational skills. Stop smoking and better quit the habit for mental health.
  9. Exercise reduces the risk of neurodegenerative disease
    Exercise even slows the course of Alzheimer. So take time out for exercise in your busy schedule.
  10. Reading aloud helps in brain development.
    Reading aloud stimulates language acquisition and literacy skills. It helps in your child’s cognitive and social-emotional development.

It is said the basis of overall health lies in the brain. Though disease and illness are part of life, remember, the simple changes and  little care in our routine living for healthy mind are worth following to avoid serious conditions. If you need any help on a medical treatment, mental or physical, and looking for the best hospitals in India for a specialty, you can call our patient advisors for ‘free’ guidance.

I want to thank GMA for being there whenever I needed sound advice for my IVF procedure. You have been always supporting and guiding. I wish you best of luck for all the good service you are doing by helping people to take well-informed decisions.

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