Top 5 Myths of Laser Hair Removal Treatment

laser hair removalLaser hair removal is one such technique which many of you wish to undergo to get rid of unwanted hair and ditch the regular painful waxing sessions. But owing to many speculations and doubts surrounding it, you either drop the idea or still in dilemma, if it is a right method for hair removal. Here we will try to bust some myths surrounding laser hair removal technique with the real facts.


Myth 1: Laser hair removal technique is very painful.

Actually not. Discomforts like prickly sensation may be experienced by some but it is far less than the pain you feel during waxing or threading. Whatever the sensations, they are bearable ones.

Myth 2: Laser technique is permanent hair removal solution

The most prevalent misconception is that laser treatment results in permanent hair removal. It can only reduce the hair growth significantly but not a permanent solution. Only electrolysis treatment can remove hair permanently.

Myth 3: Laser hair removal is very costly

If you compare the cost of regular waxing for a lifetime, laser hair removal technique saves thousands of your money.

Myth 4: All Laser hair removal machines are suitable to treat everyone

This is not true. Different laser machines are suitable for different skin types. Fairer or darker both cannot be treated by same type laser hair removal machine. For example, Nd:YAG laser machine is generally used for the Indian skin tone. Remember, wrong laser machine can lead to acute pigmentation on that part of skin and may also cause burn injury. Make sure that the laser machine suits your skin type and tone to avoid skin problems later. It is best to get the treatment done at accredited good cosmetic hospital facility to avoid such troubles.

Myth 5: Laser technique causes ingrown hair

Absolutely not. The laser removal method significantly reduces ingrown hair because it destroys hair follicles.

The laser hair removal technique is safe and effective, only if done by experienced and accredited cosmetic surgeons. You should also follow all the precautions recommended by the doctor before and after the sessions. Be careful of the unapproved cheaper laser systems used by some clinics, which can harm your skin later.

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