Which Knee Implant is Best for You?

With rapid rise in knee replacement surgeries there has been a surge in the types of implants available. Today large number of different kinds of implants in the market are promoted by various manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson (DePuy), Stryker, Zimmer, Synthes, Smith & Nephew and Biomet. Since the type and quality of knee implants are crucial to the knee replacement surgeries, you want to get the best one for yourself. But with vast information and advertising available on Internet, as a patient you are bound to be confused and worried as which knee implant is best for you.

Knee implant brands and claims

All the knee implants available in market today are medically tested and are launched after much research. Due to growing demand and competition, manufacturers these days are coming up with claims like gender-specific implants targeting growing women patients, or bending and rotation almost like natural knee. This trend of customized implants may appear good to achieve the best results possible. But, such claims are still at niche stage, not clinically proven or show no data related to their success in long term.

The ideal implant is only which permits normal movement for many years. This can only be seen if studied in long term that is for decades. There are no studies or research available today that proves the superiority of one brand of implant over another in terms of durability or improvement in function.

Then, how to select your knee implant?

You should understand the best implant for you is the one which meets your specific needs. This is best judged by your orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon selects the implant based on your age, weight, medical conditions, bone quality, lifestyle and level of activities expected.

Knee replacement is a most predictable replacement surgery with over 95% success rate. At present most knee implants available functions more or less same. The surgeons also usually prefer the tried and tested options available while the success of your knee replacement surgery largely depends upon:

  • Expertise of your orthopedic surgeon
  • His familiarity and experience in using certain implant
  • Care after the surgery including physiotherapy, exercises

It is advisable to discuss with your doctor your concerns, how a recommended implant would benefit you, and then take an informed decision. Remember, knee replacement procedure is a life changing surgery. Whichever implant is used the care, exercises, precautions and physiotherapy after the surgery are very important to gain maximum benefits.

If you have any query or need guidance for your knee replacement procedure, you can call our Patient Advisors for free guidance.

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