Women Opting for ‘Virgin’ Surgery – Be Careful !

India is witnessing a growing trend of ‘virgin’ restoring surgeries such as vaginoplasty and hymenoplasty. The procedures associated with virginity are chosen by women especially after childbirth or who are about to get married.

Vaginoplasty also known as ‘vaginal rejuvenation’ tightens the vagina through surgery while hymenoplasty repairs or restructure the hymen membrane. Conventionally hymen membrane is associated with virginity. But hymen can also rupture due to sports activities, exercise, running or dancing. The procedures take about an hour to perform and it takes over a month for complete healing.

More due to social reasons, the rising popularity of genital cosmetic surgeries is evident. But doctors caution women here. They should not opt for such sensitive surgeries unless very necessary. Also, it should only be done by a trained and qualified plastic surgeon who is authorized to perform such procedures.

Of late it has been found even practicing gynecologists and uro-gynecologists in India also doing such surgeries. They are offering women the option of improving their genitals aesthetically or restoring their hymen at package costs.

The genital cosmetic procedures require counseling and the expectations should be realistic and not hyped. Such surgeries come with their share of risks. So be careful in selecting the right cosmetic and plastic hospital and surgeon before undergoing the procedure.

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I want to thank GMA for being there whenever I needed sound advice for my IVF procedure. You have been always supporting and guiding. I wish you best of luck for all the good service you are doing by helping people to take well-informed decisions.

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